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Happy Birthday Zirkus ON!

Updated: Nov 4, 2023

5 years ago, this project started with an idea of Andree and colleagues, and I still remember very well the moment he approached me with whether I would want to assist him and shape the program. What an ambitious initiative and countless hours in front of the laptop, on the phone and with lovely, motivated, and generous partners in Germany followed.

Special thanks to the BUZZ - Bundesverband zeitgenössischer Zirkus e.V. for protecting and letting Zirkus ON grow under your wings and giving the creation alliance a wonderful kickstart by sharing all your resources.

Thanks to all the team members that accompanied, shaped and realized Zirkus ON the last years, only with your endurance, joy, and teamwork this creation alliance became such a big tool for artists and the field!

A year ago, I stepped out to focus on my own artistic work and I am happy to see the project growing up in your hands. Thanks for the fruitful four years together and sitting on the train to Berlin now, I look forward to celebrating 5 years of Zirkus ON with 11 performances, talks and a party.

Infos and tickets for the Zirkus ON Festival:

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