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Circus in the centre? - A contemporary circus ring in the development process

The project 'Zirkus im Zentrum? - eine zeitgenössische Manege im Entwicklungsprozess' is a project from Kolja Huneck and Luuk Brantjes, happening between September and December 2023, supported by the Verband freie Darstellende Künste Bayern e.V. as part of the process funding of the Freie Kunst 2023 funding package with funds from the Bavarian State Ministry of Science and the Arts.

In November 2023 the two artists have been building up their prototype of the stage and circus apparatus, which will be used in the upcoming creation 'Symbiosis'. From November 6th till 10th they have been working in the Munich Center of Community Arts, MUCCA.

Thanks to the material initiative treibgut, wood from other projects could be reused for the stage setting.

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