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SYMBIOSIS (working title)

About the project

2 circus artists, 2 handwritings, 1 artistic vision. A symbiotic creation process leading into

two circus pieces that are intertwined in their core. In this project Kolja Huneck and Luuk Brantjes are searching for a performative concept in which two solo pieces melt into one performance diptych. Both artists collectively research and create their pieces in shared

residencies and unite their interests and experiences with Magie Nouvelle. Their approach to the circus disciplines object manipulation and teeterboard, will get refined in the process and will be used as language. The visual images, atmospheres and circus vocabulary link two performance fragments into a mycorrhiza network.

Thematically the pieces are inspired by and based on the separation between nature and humans. The powerlessness towards nature and its global complexity serve as starting points for their research. Next to the two pieces, a mobile performance space will be developed that makes the diptych a unique immersive audience experience. A custom space that is molded by the world of the performance, shooting root in every new location.

About the artists

Kolja Huneck

Kolja Huneck is circus author and performer from Munich, Germany and graduated in 2019 from Codarts Circus Arts in Rotterdam. His working field spreads out from The Netherlands and Germany into many other European countries. Currently, the focus of his work and interests are on contemplative circus pieces and alternative dramaturgies that stimulate thoughts or provide ephemeral sensory impressions. His signature objects are vinyl records and self-developed discs. He is currently touring his solo piece CM_30 (shortlisted circusnext 2020-2021) in theatres and gallaries and the collective Sawdust Symphony at indoor and outdoor festivals and venues. In 2021 he started the advanced training course with theory and practice of Magie Nouvelle at CNAC and finishes it in spring 2023. 


Luuk Brantjes

Luuk Brantjes is a circus artist and maker from Rotterdam, The Netherlands. After graduating with his collective 4onBoard from DOCH University for dance and circus in 2020, Luuk’s path diverted into the creation of his first solo performance L O N E, an abstract solo circus piece that portrays the fine line between alone and lonely. Next to his solo work, Luuk is also co-author of the project SMÄLTANDE, a site-specific performance in the snow that focuses on climate awareness and the appreciation of winter. 

Luuk’s education continued through the BETA-circus program where he took a dive into the deep in the world of magie nouvelle. His work is based on an alternative approach to his apparatus teeterboard, where the focus lies on finding infinite ways of interacting with the apparatus.

photo impressions from Kolja's chapter

video impressions from Kolja's chapter


Festival Circolo, TENT, PERPLX

Creation schedule

2022 - research/pre-creation

2023 - creation

2024 - creation/pre-premiere


photo impressions from Luuk's chapter

video impressions from Luuk's chapter

photo impressions from the residencies

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